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Kyle Lowry Makes Anticipated Debut With His Hometown Sixers And Almost IMMEDIATELY Takes A Biblical Elbow To The Face


ASSAULT! Just your casual Flagrant 2 no call. Keep on keeping on, NBA. 

But you can't even script it. Kyle Lowry - a North Philly/Villanova legend who finally found his way home after 14+ years in the league - suits up in Sixers gear and almost IMMEDIATELY gets jacked up in the face and heads for the locker room. It's The Process, baby. Remember when almost every 76ers draft pick had to sit out at least an entire season due to injury before earning their stripes? Lowry just following the pattern. Even though he's confirmed Philly/Main Line tough. 

11 points, 5 assists, and 4 boards and the only Sixer with a positive +/- on the night (+4) in 25 minutes off the bench for Lowry. Efficient enough. It sucks the outcome wasn't different. Or even just like, close. 

The Sixers were a slight -1 favorite at home (#DKPartner) to the Knicks and at one point they were down 26 points. That's now 10 of 13 dropped by your Philadelphia 76ers. Yes, Embiid is out. Any team that loses the reigning MVP of the league is going to suffer. But the Sixers aren't THIS shit without the big man. Play some .500 ball and pray Embiid gets back a few weeks before the postseason to get in shape for a realistic run. And judging by what St. Nick is saying, that just may be the case. Thank GOD. 


Rest. Recover. Rampage. Or something. Just make it competitive come the second round, please.