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The #1 Spot In The 2037 NHL Draft Is Already Locked Up With This Little Menace Going Around Laying The Boom On Everyone

That's hockey, baby! 

Some kids just get it, and you love to see it. This little man is growing up in a world where everybody is obsessed with players like McDavid, Bedard, and even Zegras for a few weeks a couple years ago. Hockey fans have become enamored with skill and finesse over the years, and I'm sure most kids his age have a YouTube history filled with watching guys like Pavel Barber. 

Not this little man. His iPad storage is filled with clips from It doesn't matter where you're at on the ice, this little man is going to come find you and he's going to bury you. Because that's what hockey is all about. Putting the body on the line to win those battles for loose pucks. Doesn't matter if you're twice his size or not, he's still coming in hot, and you're still ending up on your tush. All I know is that there's a penalty minutes record in some youth hockey league in North America that's about to be shattered by the time this kid is 12.