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Former Michigan DT Mazi Smith Had His Locker Auctioned Off After Failing To Make Storage Payments And There Were A Ton Of Goodies Inside

How does shit like this happen? I'm not going to act like I'm the most frugal guy in the world. God knows that I've been known to splurge on a few things, especially Detroit Lions playoff tickets, but I pay my bills. I'm also not a professional athlete who is earning a ridiculous amount of money. It always annoys me when I read stories like this. I'm burying the lead a little bit here because the story is not actually about Mazi Smith auctioning off his storage unit. It's that what is inside his storage unit is worth a shit ton of money; whoever got this thing for $180 struck gold. 

For people who didn't watch the TikTok, this guy immediately discovered a Jordan brand Michigan cleat, leading him to dive deeper into this treasure chest. All the Michigan shit is really cool, but you can tell a lot about a man based on his collectibles, and after watching this TikTok, I kind of want to hang out with Mazi Smith. Maybe we can get him on "Chris And Company." Yeah, the Michigan playbook is cool, but you have to be a real motherfucker if you're playing "Super Smash Brothers" on your Nintendo Switch. 

I do appreciate the fact that if you remove the Michigan playbook, the storage unit feels like something that could belong to a 12-year-old, a 25-year-old, or a 60-year-old. The gun safe, being the centerpiece of this decoupage, makes whoever is in charge of this thing difficult to carbondate. Also, mega blocks instead of Legos? Gross. I'm taking points away. 

Again, how does something like this happen? I don't know where Mazi Smith's head was at here. Maybe he just didn't give a shit about any of this stuff, or perhaps he forgot to turn on auto payments for his storage unit. He's a first-round pick making some damn good money, so maybe he just doesn't care about his Super Smash Brothers game. No word yet on whether he will try to get his stuff back, but I certainly would.