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Team Guy: Soccer Player Sacrifices Himself, Accused Of Getting Drilled In The Head With A Water Bottle On Purpose To Get The Match Suspended

This right here is how you take one for the team. You're in the Round of 32 of the Argentinian Cup, you can't take any chances. So when your team is down 1-0 you take action. You put yourself in the line of fire. You don't just let the water bottle fall to the ground. You push your opponent out of the way and lay your body on the line. Incredible when you realize what he's doing. A 3 part play

Bottle hits the head and he looks like Kramer with the magical loogie

Everyone knows it too. Tigre's coach had this quote

[Translation] - The Chacarita player heads the bottle," said Pipo Gorosito, coach of Tigre 

He's not the only one either. You put any of the keywords in a Twitter search and everyone has jokes. Everyone accusing him of taking it on purpose. 

He's not wrong! But you gotta give the guy credit. You do whatever it takes not to lose. So if you can get the match suspended and maybe catch them another day, you use that to your advantage. It was worth it because it worked. Who cares that everyone is making fun of him? Who cares that he's being mocked for being soft as tissue paper? He outsmarted the ref. 

I won't call him a hero for sacrificing himself over an opponent, but he played the game. He knew exactly what he was doing.