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John Cena Has Joined OnlyFans But Too Bad We Can't See Him

I thought that title was funny. C'mon, that is pretty funny. You can't see him!!!! Why join OnlyFans is no one can see you? John Cena follows me on Twitter. Just saying. He also follows like every person in the world so it's not that cool but it is still pretty cool. 



I have a feeling John won't actually post like dick on Only Fans but who knows! Guy is definitely not shy about getting naked. I feel like every show or movie he has done recently, he has gotten naked. 

OH, okay. I just clicked on the link and it is promo for his new movie, Ricky Stanicky. That makes so much sense. The account isn't under the name John Cena, it is under the name Ricky Stanicky. I am honestly sick and tired of celebrities using OnlyFans to promote shit. SHOW US SOMETHING!!!! Who the fuck is gonna pay for this? We all know this is click bait and the picture is probably gonna be something stupid. 

You got me, John Cena! God damn it. Whatever. Welcome to OnlyFans! Maybe Glenny Balls will have you on Only Stans.