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More like "Gay-tona", amirite?

Spider and I flew down to Florida this past weekend to introduce the NASCAR experience to a fucking POSSE of coworkers at the Daytona 500.

KFC, Feits, Jackie, and Pavs from KFC Radio were there.  Frankie Borelli from Fore Play and his father-in-law (whom I think I became best friends with) were in the house.  And Pat and Joey from Out&About also tagged along for both comedic effect and diversity purposes.

(It looks like I am jerking off Joey in this picture… I was not doing that.)

We touched down on Friday, and as soon as we got into our rental cars, the rain started to pour.  And that rain did not stop until we returned to our cars on Monday morning.

All told we had 13 people (including production) from 4 different Barstool franchises at Daytona for nearly 4 days, and collectively we watched ZERO seconds of live racing.

Leads me to ask the question- Does God hate gays so much that he would delay over 150,000 drunken NASCAR fans from seeing His greatest race?

I will never know the answer… But I will also never make that mistake again.

The bright spot in an otherwise cloud-filled weekend is the winner of the Daytona 500, William Byron, was gracious enough to visit our NY office the day after his victory, and after teaching Rico some simple math (200 laps x 2.5-mile track ='s the 500 in Daytona 500, Rico), he broke down everything you need to know about this upcoming season.

Give it a peek and take a report.