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All 134 FBS Teams Will Be in EA Sports College Football 25, Players Will Receive $600 To Opt In

We got probably the biggest news yet regarding EA Sports College Football 25 on Thursday, with all 134 FBS teams confirmed to be in the game. Additionally, we now know players who opt in to being included in the game will receive $600 and a free copy. The Athletic reported there will be ambassadors for the game who will receive more compensation, as well.

I've seen some people saying $600 isn't enough to get stars to license out their NIL, but it's not like there's a better deal out there to be had. It's not take $600 or go get more somewhere else, it's take $600 and be in an awesome video game or get nothing. I'd be very surprised if there are any players of note who aren't in the game.

There have been rumors over the last couple weeks of FCS teams potentially being included as well after a couple schools posted graphics like the one below, but obviously there was no confirmation of that by EA Sports today. That doesn't mean there won't be, but I'd lean more towards those schools' creative teams just capitalizing on the excitement for the game rather than FCS schools actually being in it — though I'd love for the latter to be the case.

Regardless of FCS involvement, we're so back. The Friday this game hits the PlayStation Store this summer will be one of the best days of the last decade. Just imagining how awesome it's going to be has me giddy.

It's almost time to fire up Dynasty mode and lead Kent State to ultimate glory.