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Disgusting: Alabama Player Drops A Brutal Elbow To The Head Of A Florida Guy, Somehow Gets Defended By One Delusional Fan #SomeThings

You get to make the call here. Do you think this was a foul on Florida, a foul on Alabama or an intentional foul on Alabama? 

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Correct! A foul on Florida! I think the only thing more disgusting than dropping a People's Elbow on someone's head is defending it at incidental. 

Healthy Debate: if you are someone who screams about sportsmanship, some things and bigger than sports, shouldn't you hold your team accountable? Or does being friends with the coach mean you put everything you believe in and push it away? Healthy debate, if you write this a day before can you really care about sportsmanship

Can’t say I approve of this, poor sportsmanship all around. Somewhere out there some old timer will have a take we should get rid of handshake lines altogether to which I reply .., handshake lines aren’t the problem it’s people acting like assholes in handshake lines. Don’t act like assholes and there won’t be problems in the handshake line.

Again, healthy debate.  

Back to the play, how the fuck are refs this bad? We review 82 plays a game. We review clear out of bounds calls. We review the pointless hook and hold. But an elbow to the head? Eh might as well play on. Wrong place, wrong time. Just like Johni Broome was with Wauge 

Any time you can have a player stare for a couple seconds and then drop an elbow to the dome, it's clearly incidental. Disgusting.