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Pretty Sure Messi Is Starting To Do Insane Shit During Matches Because He's Bored Playing In The MLS

Last night was the MLS Opener and naturally we had the best player in the world playing. I know people still question why Messi came to the MLS, but I give him credit. He didn't take the easy way out. He wanted to come to a real league, play in front of actual fans and just be part of an elite league. 

But I'm starting to think he's bored. He's playing with his pals in Miami and rocking a pink jersey. So he's gotta do things to start entertaining himself. Like this: 

He doesn't give a damn that a dude is just laying around on the ground, probably faking an injury or something. No, he decides it's time to treat that fella like he's Ty Lue. 

Giphy Images.

I'm pretty sure at some point this year he's just going to try and play on his hands and knees or something. Basically what Anthony Edwards wants to do in the All-Star Game and shoot lefty the entire time, Messi will try that. He'll also succeed because this is what happens when you're the best player in the world. 

I feel confident in saying the only reason Messi didn't score after this is he felt too bad. He's a guy's guy, he didn't want to pile it on. He already knew Miami would win. He got his assist. Doesn't need to rub it in as a guy is rolling around in the grass. 

Still can't get over that move.