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The College Football Playoff Committee Discussed Expanding to 14 Teams Before Ever Conducting a 12-Team CFP

Well, well, well, if it isn't the slope being slippery.

Look, I'm sure the 12-team College Football Playoff is going to be really fun. On-campus games should be awesome and there will be more teams in the mix for the national title throughout the season — whether or not that should be the case is moot at this point. But you're a fool if you didn't see this coming or think there's ever going to be a number the CFP committee is satisfied with. We're still 10 months from seeing the first game of the new Playoff format and they've already discussed tossing a couple more teams in there.

And honestly, if you were a proponent of the 12-team model, I don't see why you'd have an issue with 14 — or 16 or 24 or 32. If more is better, why ever stop? More "games that matter", more money for the TV executives, more Playoffs; everybody wins.

If all you care about if the postseason, the next 20 years of college football are going to be amazing for you. The Playoff will expand every four or five years and soon enough, every team that can scrape together eight wins will have an opportunity to play for the national championship. If you've enjoyed what the regular season has meant to college football for the last 50 years, though, the foreseeable future is going to be pretty disappointing.