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I Interviewed Detroit Tigers Prospect Justyn-Henry Malloy, And He's Wise Beyond His Years

Aw, Chris is making friends. How cute. Look, man, I don't know what the Tigers are going to do this season or next season. I feel pretty good about the future, better than I felt in a long time, but I don't have a crystal ball in front of me that can predict what will happen. But mental makeup does matter with a player, and it really seems like these up-and-coming Tigers players have it between the ears. 

I have no idea where Justin Henry Malloy is going to end up as a player. I definitely like the bat. He comes from the Braves organization. They do a tremendous job of developing hitters. It was recently announced that he's moving to the outfield, but I do think one of his issues is that he's somewhat positionless. I think long-term he'll probably be a DH, which creates a bit of an issue because I feel like there are several guys on the Tigers that we can say that about right now. No one knows what's next, but he was probably the most impressive athlete that I've ever come across, just in terms of how he goes about his business and conducts himself. The older I get, the more I am impressed by people younger than me. I'm not a complete idiot, but I'm still learning about life. People are very complicated and have a lot of very intricate emotions. To see a guy like Justyn-Henry Malloy, who is pretty new to the spotlight, come across as someone who's familiar with it is very inspiring. 

I appreciate how open Malloy and Skubal were with me regarding how they view the team's current state. They're not shying away from wanting to be a part of the group responsible for the Detroit Tigers resurgence. I love that. It's human nature for something like that to be in the back of your head. And there's nothing wrong with embracing it. It's a fact that the Tigers haven't been to the postseason in 10 years. Those great Tiger teams of the 2010s are turning into classic rock, which makes me shiver because now I feel old again. 

I don't want to turn "Chris and Company" into a show solely for interviewing Detroit Tiger players, but the first two interviews have been fantastic. We'll be back next week with Jalen Watts-Jackson, the Michigan State legend who broke my heart in 2015. Don't forget to like and subscribe.