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This High School Clip of Projected First Round Pick Amarius Mims Looks Patently Ridiculous

There's almost nothing I love more than watching five-star recruits play against normal high school kids. Obviously professional sports are the best of the best and college has plenty of guys who are going to be at that level, but in high school football and basketball, you get guys that are a couple years away from being some of the best athletes in the world playing against guys that spent all day worried about their geography test. It's the best version of sports we have to show how good these guys truly are.

And then there are the cases of dudes like Amarius Mims, who looked like this — 6'7, 315 pounds before ever stepping foot on Georgia's campus — while playing against 14- and 15-year-olds. Just insane.

I'd much rather have ESPN show high school highlights of every pick in the NFL Draft instead of college. Do the first minute or so with their college tape and let Mel Kiper say what he needs to about them and then put on the high school highlights where they had a game with 475 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. That's what the people really want to see.