The OG Star Wars Battlefront Games Are Being Re-Released For Xbox/PS5/Nintendo Switch With 64-Player Online Capabilities

This is, without exaggeration, the best news I've heard all year. 

The original Star Wars Battlefront II is my favorite video game ever made, and I've been playing it pretty consistently since its release in 2005. Whether it was on the first Xbox, my PSP, my friend's PS2, an emulator for Mac, or the downloadable version for Xbox One, I could kill hours at a time playing rounds of Galactic Conquest all over the galaxy. The gameplay is simple, the maps are perfect, the characters/classes are a blast to play as, and the ability to go in/out of space to dogfight mid-battle was revolutionary.


Don't even get me started on playing Hero Assault on Mos Eisley….

Some of the best nights of my life were spent playing the Battlefront games with my friends - so much so that I've been playing against the computer for almost twenty years trying to recapture that magic! I tried the "new" versions of Battlefront when they dropped in 2015/2017 respectively, and had fun with them for a few months a piece, but the classics just felt way more timeless.

My prayers have finally been answered and Battlefront 1+2 are being re-released for Xbox/PS5/Nintendo Switch, complete with downloadable content (maps/characters that were available for purchase via Xbox DLC, now free) and online capabilities! We're gonna be able to hop back down to Kamino or Dagobah and join the war with our buddies again - or against 'em if that's more your style! 

I can't wait. I'd love for them to even toss in a couple new characters, like Mando, but that's probably unrealistic. 

Oh, and the fact that this is dropping for Switch is HUUUUGE, as well. I'll be playing Instant Action on every plane/train/automobile ride I take til I'm old and decrepit like Palpatine.

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P.S. There's only one thing more satisfying than going on a kill streak and getting to play as an overpowered Jedi/Sith/Mandalorian - and it's killing an overpowered Jedi/Sith/Mandalorian as a random Rebel or Stormtrooper. OG Battlefront players will remember the rush of being a Rebel on the Tantive IV and Darth Vader showing up just like in A New Hope….


It could get my heart racing just thinking about it. I'll definitely have some Battlefront II streams next month, so look out for em. I wanna try to play a few Battlefront matches with as many Stoolies as possible.