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The Dream Wedding: Kentucky Couple Gets Married In A Gas Station Bathroom That Turns Into A Disco Room With The Push Of A Button

Oh no, the horror of getting married in the bathroom. It's not just a regular gas station bathroom, oh no. It's one that you can press a button and bam, disco. 

Guess who got out of paying for a DJ? Really if the disco bathroom can just play Shout, you're set. Everyone knows that's what gets the people going at weddings. If there's no Shout or if it's played too early/late, your wedding is fucked. You have to have it when people are the right amount of drunk and stay on the floor after turning it into the Animal House scene. 

I say this as someone who had a wedding, not shocking when you're a catch as a bald blogger. But the whole process fucking SUCKS. I'm not talking about the wedding itself. That's fun, don't let people deter you from that. You get all your buddies in one place and get to party. But figuring out who is on the invite list, the food tasting (okay, that part is awesome), trying to figure out who is sitting where. That all sucks. You know how you avoid that? Gas station bathroom. 

Oh and you want to say romance is dead? Look at what the husband posted on Facebook. 

[Source] - “In every haters mouth they love talking about us they even think about us.. aye were famous were even on the radio an news station I love u baby Tiana Hope Abney there just making us stronger an more popular everytime they open there mouth we in it I feel very important.”

If you want to see the perfect Facebook post, that right there wins it. The wrong there. The fact he's proclaiming his love. The fact he's talking about being famous. Beautiful. This should be their vows if we're being honest with each other. Only thing missing was the UK game going on in the background. That would make it a perfect, beautiful Kentucky wedding. 

PS: How fucking awesome would it to be skip the plain chicken dinner and just get your best gas station snacks? Chowing down on Sour Patch Kids, some chips and a roller or two. That's way better than the same catered chicken everyone else has.