People Are Way Too Comfortable With Not Getting Hit These Days

In what world?

In what world does this fella get to launch that man's hat onto the ice and then not immediately have his nose become acquainted with that man's fist? Unfortunately, the answer is the world that we live in today. 

Everybody has their phone on them at all time. Everybody is recording every waking second of their life. And since this rotund lad has his friend filming that "hilarious prank", the poor guy who just had his hat launched onto the ice cannot proceed to feed him his fist. Ol' HalfTon Matthews over here just gets away with hit because "he told me to". 

Maybe I'm just growing old and crotchety these days. But man do I long for the days where people got what they deserved. Long for the days where you couldn't get away with being an asshole just because you have a phone to record everything. Keep in mind, it's the phone that made you act like a cock sucker in the first place. Because all 73 of your followers on TikTok are going to think that video is the whackiest and zaniest thing they've ever seen. 


I just think we can all agree that something needs to change at some point. Society needs to come back to homeostasis. We can't just sit back and continue to cater to jabronis like this. Some people deserve to get punched in the face for acting like assholes. If everybody went around worried that their actions had consequences, maybe we'd have some hope for the future. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.