Would You Be Okay With Your Girlfriend's Hall Pass Being Lindy Waters & Barry Sanders Jr?

This video has taken the internet by STORM. We've got a 22-year-old guy with his arm around his 26-year-old girlfriend stopped by a man with a microphone on the street.

SIDE NOTE: Remember when man on the street content was just Barstool? Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like Barstool was so early to the man on the street content. Dave/Riggs/Caleb/Rone did it a hell of a lot differently than what it looks like now, but that's another thing that Barstool was "early" to.

This account "The Desirable Truth" has gone viral a lot over the past year. Typically the guy is asking relationship-type questions either to women or couples. Today, he ran the "Do you guys have hall passes?" script. The answer from the girlfriend was....shocking

Now, I'm on the fence in regards to this being real or staged. I would've said initially that her answer was so random that she must've been fed it:


Lindy Waters III

Barry Sanders Jr.

Those are two INSANE pulls. On top of that she didn't just say it was Lindy Waters, she said "Lindy Waters The THIRD." Quite specific for a guy that is averaging 7 MPG on the Thunder.

But then I was reminded by a kind soul that follows me on Twitter that both Waters and Sanders went to Oklahoma State at the same time:

If this is real.....and not staged at all....I think her answer is almost worse than her just randomly being a fan of Lindy Waters and Barry Sanders Jr......almost like she still wants to go back to her days in college, where her type was "athlete."

The boyfriend going with "That's crazy" 10000000x and then finishing it all up by saying "at the end of the day it's whatever" is brutal. Never good seeing a fellow soldier get walked over. For his sake, I hope this was staged. If it was not? Probably time to consider the relationship.