Power Move: Gabe Davis Posted An 8-Minute Goodbye Video To Buffalo, Ended It With Ridiculous Stats To Make Him Sound Like The Best Receiver Ever

I know you don't have 8 minutes to watch the whole video, but it's there if you want to get through the day. Good news is someone highlighted the best part. It's not the good bye, it's not the highlights, it's the ending. 


We were about 20 seconds away from seeing 'receiving yards by a man named Gabe' on there. I love the move, impossible not to respect a wide receiver getting ready to hit the free agent market and bragging about his stats. You see who I passed in playoff touchdowns in first 3 seasons? A little guy named Tyreek Hill, I'll take his contract thank you very much. 

Don't forget how the season ended though

I think we all know the Gabe Davis story. He's the most frustrating player in the world, especially if you play fantasy football. One game he's got 160 yards and 2 touchdowns. Then the next two games you look up and it's a combined like 3 catches 27 yards. And don't get me wrong he was important to this past iteration of the Bills, but an 8 minute video is insane. Who the hell is watching an 8 minute Instagram video saying thank you? Frankly I'd be willing to label him WR1 if the 8 minutes were just his stats. It's called marketing. 

I still miss the old school take out a page in the local newspaper to write a thank you. We need to get back to that. No more Instagram videos or messages on social media. We need a good old fashioned newspaper thank you where all the old heads freak out about whether or not someone was mentioned. Gabe Davis dropping his stats in a newspaper would be way better.