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I Interviewed Nick Turani And Asked If He Thinks He's Funny (The Answer May Surprise You)

Have all of you been keeping up with "Chris and Company?" We are three episodes in, and a lot of people are saying that it's essentially like Bobby Althoff's podcast, except for the fact that I'm good at interviewing people. Okay, I kid, I kid. It was wonderful having Nick on the program for episode three. 

It's not that difficult for me to sell people on Nick Turani. I mean, the guy was doing ME a favor by being on. I understand the hesitancy to watch this show because there are so many interview-based shows out there, even interview-based shows at Barstool, but I really do want to make sure that when I interview a Barstool personality that y'all come away learning something new about them. It's "Hot Ones" minus the food. Nick has been as natural an on camera person as anyone I've come across at the company, so to find out that he originally applied to be a graphic designer at this company is mind-boggling to me. Some guys just have all the talent.

I'm always curious about trying to get a gauge on what people's confidence truly is. From an outside perspective, I view Nick as probably the funniest person at the company, but I've always wondered if funny people find themselves funny. Sometimes having the whole world appreciate you isn't as impactful as getting you to appreciate yourself. Damn, that was deep. I feel like I'm waxing poetic at this point.

I enjoy doing the show. I'm going to continue it, and hopefully, all of you can continue to subscribe and support it on YouTube and Rumble. We had a really solid interview last week with Tiger pitcher and future Cy Young winner Tarik Skubal, and later this week, we should have another fun interview with Tiger prospect Justyn Henry-Malloy, so keep an eye out for that. We're one huge guest away from being the talk of the internet. I can feel it.