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Spencer Strider Has Possibly Added a 'Nasty' Curveball to His Arsenal and Major League Baseball Might Be Fucked

I'm hard.

The guy flailing at that curveball hit .283 with 54 HR and 139 RBI last year. And the guy throwing it was the Cy Yong favorite heading into this season before anyone knew he was experimenting with a new breaking ball. If Spencer Strider really has added even a slightly above average curveball to his repertoire, he might be damn near un-hittable in 2024.

Strider has set his dozens of MLB strikeout records using really just a fastball and slider — he throws a changeup about 7 percent of the time — so this curveball being a legitimate third weapon for him would be huge. And if Matt Olson looks like that swinging at it, imagine what average hitters are going to look like.

Man, I can't wait for some baseball. We didn't even make it to the first fake game before I decided the Braves will be winning the 2024 World Series. Thank you for this incredible development, Spencer.