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George Karl Refuses To Stop Taking Shots At Carmelo Anthony In One Of The Longest Running NBA Beefs We Have

Cyrus McCrimmon. Getty Images.

When we talk about NBA beefs, you don't often hear about George Karl vs Carmelo Anthony. That's a shame really, because it truly is one of the most random yet hilarious NBA beefs we have. If you're maybe not fully up to speed on their history, go ahead and give this a watch


Hey, sometimes a coach/player pairing doesn't work out. It happens. You butt heads for a few years, the player moves on or maybe the coach gets fired and that's all she wrote. The beef dies. But then every once in a while we get a beef that is so strong it can survive decades. It's still very random and on some levels kind of sad, but when it comes to Karl vs Melo, I look at it as the gift that keeps on giving. 

I mean, George Karl is putting on a hating clinic to the point where it's almost more impressive than anything else. What happened to time healing all wounds? Is that not a thing anymore? 

We're entering a new round of this back and forth based on something that dropped a few days ago when Melo brought up the George Karl hire on a podcast

This is the type of shit I'm talking about as to why I love this beef so much. A classic "hey, this is old news lets move on. but not before I throw out one more dig at you". Classic old school hater behavior.

Hard to know who to score that round to based on Melo's response, and I'm not sure I would agree that Melo is overrated. I think he's very much properly rated if we're being honest. You could make the case that there are even some ways he's underrated as a player. At the end of the day the guy is a first ballot Hall Of Fame player, so how overrated could he be? Is he LeBron or Wade? No. But is he one of the greatest offensive players the league has ever seen? That's not really debatable in my opinion.

With that exchange, I figured that was it for George vs Melo in 2024. Some decent jabs, some emojic, and on with our lives we go.

Giphy Images.


But then I remembered who we were dealing with here. George Karl is a generational hater. Not that he's really good at it, but just that he's been hating for generations now when it comes to Melo. So of course he couldn't pass up his shot for another dig

I'm not sure you can tell with the embedded tweet, but it's hard to miss who Karl tagged in that post

Karl isn't exactly wrong here, Jokic is most definitely the best player to ever wear #15 in Nuggets history. As you can imagine, Karl wasn't talking about the time that Anthony Randolph wore it for 2 seasons before Jokic got their in a post-Melo world. So even if he's telling the truth, it's still a dick move to take a random shot like that at Melo. You can praise Jokic without doing something like that, but that's the beauty of a beef like this. George Karl will never stop taking shots at Melo, even on posts that have nothing to do with Melo! If you can't respect that level of hating, I'm not sure what else could you want. 

Is it sad? A little. Is it still funny? Definitely. If we still had the Playa Haters' Ball, at this point I think George Karl would get a lifetime achievement award


Man, what a time to be alive when we had vintage Chappelle's Show episodes. A truly golden age in TV comedy.