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10 Million Dollar Business Ideas To Change The World

I have recently come to the decision that I'd like to be a millionaire. Seems like a great life with a lot of benefits. I've been trying the boring methods of "saving" and "investing", but I'm now looking to get rich FAST. So I've come up with a bunch of great business ideas that I think have the potential to make me millions of dollars while also making the world a better place to live. Here they are...

The Silent Barbershop 


There's nothing worse than getting a haircut and having a chatty barber. I don't want to make small talk for 20 minutes. I want to just sit there and get my haircut. I used to have a rule where I'd stop going to a barber as soon as I developed a rapport with him. Here at The Silent Barbershop, we put tape over our barbers mouths so they literally can't speak to you and you can enjoy the haircut in peace and quiet. 

"Last Meal" The Restaurant

I've always found the idea of a last meal kind of awesome. Just getting to order a bunch of whatever you want and scarfing it down. It's a shame we only reserve that experience for first degree murderers. This restaurant would be prison-themed and give you that experience of a last meal. You can order anything you want and our top chefs will make it for you. The waiters are dressed like prison guards. There's no to-go boxes. It's just like getting a last meal on death row but you don't end with a lethal injection. 

Black Mirror

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like black, but you don't want to do blackface and get yourself canceled? Well let me introduce you to Black Mirror (like the TV show). You look in this mirror and see a reflection of yourself as a black person. Just could be cool. Technology is a work in progress. 

The Daily Roast


A comedy coffee shop! At most boring coffee places, you just give your name with your order. Well not here. At the Daily Roast, the barista assigns a mean physical description to you that cuts you down at your core. For example, instead of saying, "Dana, here's your triple mocha chocolate frappucino" the barista would yell out "Fat sweaty slob with a micropenis, here's your triple mocha chocolate frappucino." Keeps things fun!

You're Welcome Cards

There's been times where I've received a really nice Thank You card with a lovely message, maybe after a wedding, and had an overwhelming feeling of "I should probably respond to this." But you can't just write back to a thank you card, that would feel bizarre. Well, enter "You're Welcome" cards!


How many times have you had a dream that you wish you could watch back in the morning like it was a movie? This happens to me almost every night. Whether it's having an epic adventure as a treasure-hunting explorer or touching Sydney Sweeney's boobs, there's plenty of things I'd love to watch back on the big screen. This is a chip that you put in your brain that would record the dreams and then you put it in a flash drive and watch it back whenever you want. The only downside to this one is it may be "scientifically impossible" or whatever. 

Squeaky Cheeseburgers


Have you ever been enjoying a delicious cheeseburger and thought, "Man this tastes so good, but I wish this burger had a squeaky sound when I bite into it?" Of course you have. We all have. Well here at Squeaky Cheeseburgers, you get that delicious burger and that sweet, sweet sound of squeaking. 

Serve Our Country Bar and Grille

Veteran unemployment is a big issue in this country. Well I'm here to solve it. At Serve Your Country Bar And Grille, the entire staff is ex-military. Chefs, waiters, waitresses, bus boys, you name it. It gives veterans jobs and more importantly, it's a brilliant pun!

Reverse Hamper

I've been having an issue where anytime I do laundry, I just keep washing the same clothes over and over again because they're always at the top and are the most recent ones I've worn. There's been clothes on the bottom of my hamper I just seemingly never can get to. (My washing machine is not very big and takes an abnormally long amount of time). So I don't know what exactly I'm going for here or how the physics of it would even work, but I'd love to have the older clothes at the top of the hamper somehow. This may be something I can just figure out myself that doesn't require an invention. 

The Rainforest Cafe


Alright hear me out. A restaurant with a rainforest theme. It looks like a rainforest inside. It sounds like a rainforest. It feels like a rainforest. There's rainforest themed menu items. Fake animals. Maybe every 30 minutes some loud storm noises go off? I think this one really has legs. 

Those are all my million dollar ideas. They're all trademarked by me (mentally) so don't even think about stealing any. What business are YOU investing in? Sound off in the comments!