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The Predators Were Supposed To See U2 in Vegas Before Playing the Golden Knights but GM Barry Trotz Canceled the Outing After They Got Killed 9-2 by Dallas

Look, I know these are grown men and essentially grounding them for getting their asses kicked may seem a little ridiculous, but I fucking love this from Barry Trotz and Andrew Brunette. Home losses by seven goals while you're in the thick of a race for a playoff spot are obviously embarrassing, but they should also be unacceptable. So nobody's seeing Bono until y'all turn it around.

And what happened in the first game after the U2 cancelation? A 5-2 road win over the team Nashville is currently battling for the second wild card spot in the West.

If the Preds are able to find something down the stretch and sneak into the playoffs, we will look back on the season as pre- and post-U2 incident. This could be the spark the boys needed to get it in gear.

I just love that Trotz cares about the fans that much. Losing 9-2 is one thing, but doing it in your own building in front of people you're asking to spend a lot of money to come watch you while you're rebuilding is another. More teams across sports would earn a lot of goodwill if they had management that showed that level of care for the fan experience.

So now we wait and see if the U2 cancelation becomes a turning point. What a scene it would be to have "Beautiful Day" blaring throughout Bridgestone Arena after some playoff wins.