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Pedro Pascal Revealing The Psychotic Way He Learns His Lines Is Further Proof He Was The PERFECT Choice To Play Reed Richards

"Alexa, enhance"


So I saw this clip over the weekend and it seemed like an absolutely bananas way for someone to learn their lines. Then I remembered I need roughly 750 takes to do a 30 second Instagram ad, so let's go to Tom Wambsgams and Roman Roy to see what they think of Pedro's method!

You know shit is crazy when those two sick fucks react like that. But I love it.

Nobody in Hollywood has been riding a heater like Pedro Pascal outside of Pedro Pascal's agent, who I'm pretty sure could get Pedro at the very least an invitation to Dodgers Spring Training if not a guaranteed spot on the 25 man roster. No matter how much I love Pedro Pascal, I thought it was odd that Kevin Feige & Co. would cast someone already as Oberyn Martell, Javier Peña, Joel Miller, and The motherfucking MANDALORIAN as the father of Marvel's first family in a movie that will be massive for the future of the entire cinematic universe that went from making billions with blockbusters to pissing off almost their entire fanbase with flops.

HOWEVAH, after seeing the crazy shit Pedro does to get his lines down, I can't think of someone with a more beautiful mind to play ol' big brain Reed Richards. We've long known that the difference between a genius and a lunatic is razor thin. So why not have someone with some serious Ted Kaczinsky vibes become the aerospace engineer we have been looking for since WandaVision? I'm sure this isn't a crazy thing for actOrs that embrace the craft (extra emphasis on the O to make it sound more fancy) and the only thing that stopped Ted from being a hero of humanity instead of a villain was meeting a smokeshow like Sue Storm.



Apologies for using a dated version of Invisible Woman but the new Fantastic Four movie hasn't filmed yet.

So welcome to the MCU Pedro. I can't wait to see you nail yet another role in another massive franchise, this time in a cinematic universe that needs you more than ever.

Speaking of which, Robbie and I broke down our thoughts about the entire Fantastic Four cast along with the trailers for Deadpool 3 and X-Men '97 on the latest My Mom's Basement.