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'Luka Is Terrible. He's Really Bad For The Game.' - We All Should Follow Nikola Jokic's Lead And Blame Luka For Ruining The Entire All-Star Game

I know Nikola Jokic is joking around, but even in a joke is the truth. Luka sucks for the All-Star Game. Don't believe me? 

Luka, like everyone else, just don't give a shit about the game. Jokic has been criticized for this before, but at least Jokic is funny. I mean he's good for a laugh or two every All-Star Game. 

It's that sort of athleticism that turned him into the best player in the league. Plus, it's warming to see this doughy, horse-racing loving fella just kick everyone's ass all while seemingly not giving a damn about anything. I'm just here for people turning on Luka. Drive him out of Dallas, even if Jokic is recruiting him to Denver. They want to play together. They are best friends. This is where superteams all start. 

We need a heel turn on Luka. We're already getting there with the fan and reporter incident this year: 

We haven't had a good heel turn from a big name in a while. Nobody hates Dame for getting out of Portland. Anthony Davis wasn't even really dragged through the mud for going to the Lakers. It's time we all turn on Luka. Shit, maybe it'll fix the All-Star Game. It won't, but we can pretend like it might. Get guys in who want to compete, even for 15 minutes. That's all we want. The first half can be 60%, up in the 3rd quarter so it's close and then give us a fourth quarter where people are actually playing basketball. We'd take it as a win at this point. 

Way to lead from the front Nikola. He's the guy who just brought the Nuggets a title. He's a multi-time MVP. Time to follow his lead and blame Luka for this disaster. Get him out of Dallas, preferably after this year so the Knicks can get their 1st round pick. Win-win for the league.