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Pacers Fans Booing The Shit Out Of Damian Lillard While He Received His All Star MVP Trophy Is Some Good Old Fashioned Sports Hate

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

Anyone who sat through that All Star Game knows it was pretty terrible. I'm not sure who that surprises, but the fact remains that as long as the players don't really care, the product suffers and in return fans aren't going to care. Hell, I'm basically a yes man for anything the NBA does and even I was sitting there disgusted with what I was watching. I just want to watch the best of the best compete against each other, but it's now clear that's too much to ask.

So instead of focusing on the game, let's instead focus on some good old fashioned sports hate


Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Pacers and the Bucks have some beef. There's the fact that the Pacers have dominated that head to head series this season, we had Tyrese Haliburton busting out Dame Time in a game after burying the Bucks which led to Dame hopping on the mic at his postgame presser telling Haliburton to be humble. Then there was the whole steal of the game ball situation with Giannis where he threw a temper tantrum like a toddler all over a basketball. The point is, these two sides don't exactly love each other.

So with the All Star game in Indy, this type of reaction to a Bucks player, and specifically Dame, winning MVP isn't that shocking. I actually give the people of Indiana credit here. That's the exact situation you boo, especially when your hometown player also had himself a pretty damn good showing as well and arguably could have won the MVP

What I do know is that as fans, we deserve a MIl/IND playoff series. How realistic is that? Well, let's just have a look at the standings shall we?

Giphy Images.


I'm not going to tell you that the Bucks will be able to stave off the Knicks given their current level of play, but as things stand now we'd be getting a Bucks/Pacers first round series. Given how their previous games have looked, that'd be a pretty great way to kick things off. Then again, if the Sixers also keep dropping like a rock, the Pacers might fuck around and find themselves in the 5th spot.

Either way, there are few things better in sports than a well executed booing. There's just something so satisfying about executing a perfect boo. Nothing disrespectful, nothing crazy, just a good honest quality boo. It's good to know that Pacers fans understand that and that we actually have some real beef again in the NBA. 

Lord knows it needs it.