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Larry Bird Spent Sunday Morning Basically Begging Players To Try In The All-Star Game - No One Gave A Shit And The Whole Idea Of The Game Is Dead

I know it's not breaking news or a hot take to say the All-Star Game sucked. But it shouldn't suck. It should be fun, entertaining and ... wait for it ... competitive. Don't think we're asking for much here. Shit, there was a time there was just that. It wasn't even that long ago! I remember vividly watching All-Star Games that at least had some sort of competitiveness. Now? Now we get this: 

I'm not saying put your head down and run some elaborate scheme here, but come on. Give us something that resembles basketball. I know, I know. It's for the players, not to get hurt, all that stuff. But at some point shouldn't someone give a shit? Shouldn't someone step in and like, hey for 12 minutes why don't we get the 10 best players out there and actually try? I bet people would enjoy that. In fact I know people would enjoy that. It's all people are talking about no matter where you look right now. 

The fact is the game is dead. The idea of whatever the All-Star Game is dead. I have no idea who to blame. Part players, part the setup, part the idea of an All-Star Game. It's never going to be what we once had. When you knew guys would at least try to keep it close and then the 4th quarter they gave us what we wanted. We all accepted it and nobody had problems with it. 

I'm also aware everyone will yell what's the solution. That's the problem. There isn't one. You can't offer more money or anything - these guys are all rich as shit. We tried the Elam Ending, that didn't matter. We went captain picks and back to East vs West. Nothing matters until the guys out there actually try. That's what it comes down to. You know, like this? 

Yeah, it's the full game including overtimes, but it's to prove a point. That there was a time this game could be something that we actually wanted. Hell, after last year's disaster players and current coaches were even saying it needed to be changed. Nothing. They could have proved a point this year, but nope. It's dead.