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What Kind Of Maniac Crowd Surfs Chest Down, Face First? Ben Mintz Of Course.

Saturday night, our good buddy Andy Frasco played a sold-out show at one of the best (of many) music venues in the city of Chicago- The Metro in Wrigleyville. 

For those who don't know Frasco, he's often seen as the human embodiment of a high-energy party that just happens to have taken human form, is a unique blend of soulful musician, tireless showman, and that one friend who never knows when the night is over. Imagine if a New Orleans jazz festival and a Las Vegas magic show had a love child who was raised in the wild, untamed clubs of rock and roll – that's Andy Frasco.

(He kinda reminds me of what would happen if Rafi from The League was a musician.)


For these obvious reasons, White Sox Dave, and Benjamin Mintz are two of his biggest fans.

Mintz snagged tickets somehow and told me he was taking White Sox Dave with him and offered me one. The Metro? Fuck yeah. Frasco? I have never seen live before, and need to badly, so fuck yeah. 

But during the day, I realized I had my marketing director and merch girl in town, along with my buddy Cazes from Miami who was djing my spot and that I should probably be a good host and take them to dinner instead.


The dinner was awesome (Volare- my #1), but I ended up missing not just a great show from what I've heard, but also the latest and greatest in the catalog that is Bent Mintz' Greatest Hits Collection.

I mean, are you fucking kidding me, man?

Chest first? 

Dick facing down?

What a pervert. 

As somebody who used to crowd surf regularly at our shows, 


and get caught, unlike your boy Feitelberg

(I tried to find this video to embed normally here but it's behind Gaz' good ol' Barstool Gold paywall so click above and watch it. Trust me it's worth it.)

Anyway, back to Mintz. 

The only question I have, that's bigger than what in the fuck was Mintz thinking there? is how the hell did White Sox Dave record that whole thing and not bust out laughing? 

Seriously what an enigma this guy.

p.s. - I'm reading this book Battle For The Big Top right now and it's all about P.T. Barnum, James Bailey, John Ringling and the "circus wars" of the late 18th century. It is wild how comparable Portnoy's saga is to that of P.T. Barnum and how much Barstool is to his very early traveling circus. The casts of characters are too similar. There is without a doubt, 100% chance had guys like Mintz and Frank been around in Barnum's days they'd be part of his crew. 


- Update - Found the video on twitter thanks to @jhonnydotco