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Dumping Them Out: GIF's of Hot Girls

Dumping Them Out here's another episode.

It was brought to my attention last night while I was at Pizza School that nobody was covering the Saturday night NBA All-Star festivities. Somebody called me out for being at Pizza School instead of doing my job. They said "how about you cover the all-star game." In response I said, "no thank you".

I ended up feeling kinda bad for that. I don't think anybody was actually expecting John Rich to be covering the NBA All-Star game or anything. But I shouldn't have acted like "no fucking way I'd ever do that." Because if people are mad about our lack of NBA coverage, at the end of the day I do work for Barstool Sports. Even though I could argue that we're more of a pizza company than a sports company, if nobody was covering the all-star festivities at all then that's kind of shitty, and I'm not innocent of that.

So mark my words. Next season. All because of 2 or 3 tweets with 0-2 likes each. There will be NOBODY at Barstool Sports covering the NBA All-Star game harder than me. That's my promise to you. For as long as I'm employed at Barstool Sports, you will not find a single person dialed into whatever the fuck the NBA does on Saturday night during NBA All-Star Weekend. It's the least I can do (specifically SATURDAY night, I'm sure other people have the actual all-star game covered).

I saw a shocking video on Twitter today. 


I'm still not entirely clear as to whether or not they just went on with the game or if they threw another jump ball. I'm pretty sure by the refs slight head nod afterwards he was signaling for them play on. I'd never claim to be a knower of ball or anything like that, but that can't be legal right? He looked like a scared child reffing for the first time who was afraid of catching an elbow in the face. Or are there no actual written rules for jump balls. Can the refs just throw it up in whatever style they want and the players have to deal with it? It might actually be fun if referee's started doing their own signature jump balls. Maybe one ref would just start setting it on the floor and have the players fight over it like a lacrosse faceoff. I'm sure somewhere in the rulebook that's highly illegal. And this ref looked like a major bitch with his jump ball technique. But on some level I think I see the vision.

Speaking of ball. I'm watching Indiana vs Northwestern right now. Northwestern just hit a 3-pointer, and during the shot an Indiana player fouled someone away from the ball. But the shot went in. So Northwestern got the 3-pointer, then got the ball back. Doesn't it seem like they should have some sort of continuation rule there? If the shooter misses the shot, then yes that should be called a foul. But should they really get the ball back if there's an inconsequential foul away from the ball that has nothing to do with the play and the shot went it? That kinda seems like bullshit. 

I've gone to the gym the past 2 days, so at this moment I'm officially qualified to give workout advice. We were having this conversation at the thriving Barstool New York office on Friday. A personal trainer gave Tommy Smokes a very detailed workout plan. It had a whole bunch of specific exercises designed to do certain things. It was excessive in my opinion. My take is that workout plans are almost entirely bullshit. I understand if you need to use them for motivation, or if you're brand fucking new and need some extremely basic guidance as to what you should be doing. But in my mind, workout plans don't matter at all. All that matters is that you go to the gym and do ANYTHING. Just do a little cardio, and lift literally anything for about an hour. The only thing that matters is that you show up. I watch these people walk around the gym and get upset because a specific machine is taken, and if they don't do the next workout on their sheet of paper then they won't be jacked within a month. It just doesn't fucking matter. Just do anything. Just get your testosterone going. I know there's some sort of science behind these workout plans, but the additional progress you're going to make by doing EXACTLY what some random personal trainer tells you is so minimal. If you go to the gym every day, drink your protein shakes, and don't eat like an asshole, you're going to get in great shape. People get WAY to caught up trying to follow very specific plans. The whole industry is a sham. 

Every time I'm watching a Quentin Tarantino movie and someone says the N-word I turn to the person next to me and say, "You know he improvised that line"