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Ilia Topuria just did exactly what he said he was gonna do all week, and knocked out Alexander Volkanovski with a ruthless right hook in the UFC 298 main event. 

I've watched the replay back a few times now, but I still can't believe it. I think maybe I just don't want to believe it, as a big Volk fan, but hell - gotta give it up to Topuria. 15-0 professionally with 13 finishes and 7 UFC wins, and now he's emphatically defeated one of the greatest Featherweights of all time. He's undeniable at this point.

This finish was just COLD, too. Topuria looked great in the first round, and just waited for his moment in the second. Pretty much as soon as Volkanovski decided to stand and trade with him, he got put to sleep (and hit with a few follow up shots for good measure).

I don't think most people even understand how much Ilia Topuria has blown up in Spain recently, and this is only going to make him more famous, obviously....

He's probably the most popular European fighter since Conor McGregor, and by the looks of it, his run is only getting started.

He wants a fight in Spain next (as the UFC's first champion from Spain, duh!) - and wants Conor McGregor. Because of course he does.


I'll play spoiler for ya and say Conor McGregor will never make 145lbs again. He'd be pushing it to make 155! Look at this monster….

….but I get it. Everyone wants the real Red Panty Night fight. Congratulations to Ilia Topuria, though. Hell of a knockout.

Also, this is also an insane stat….

Dana White should be announcing the UFC 300 main event any minute now at the post-fight presser, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: There's our main event!