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A Sacramento State Baseball Player Somehow Got Hit By A Pitch SEVEN TIMES In One Day

This guy must’ve fucked somebody’s girlfriend on the other team because this is goddamn ridiculous. In fairness, Sacramento State played a doubleheader yesterday, so it didn’t all happen in the same game, but even so, if somebody gets hit more than once in a game, you’re usually left. Wondering if something is up. After the fourth or fifth time, I wonder if pitchers just kept doing it for their amusement. The funniest part of this is that Masciangelo was pinch hit for for his final at batting game number two by a player named Brett Ortt, and Ortt was hit by pitch. I don’t know why, but LMU must’ve had a personal vendetta against that spot in the lineup. 

When I first read the story, I suspected that perhaps his first at-bat, he showed up the picture on a homer, and they held it against them for the rest of the doubleheader, but none of these hit-by-pitches looked intentional at all. He might just have that Anthony Rizzo stance where he crowds the plate and he’s hard to pitch inside too. I got to give them crap for showing incredible restraint because even if none of these were intentional after the third one, it would be hard not to at least stare down the pitcher. 

Masciangelo is only a sophomore transfer who saw limited action in his first season at CSU Bakersfield. He took 20 at-bats, but he was only hit one time. I don’t know; maybe he changed his batting stance in the offseason. Baseball is so chock full of anomalies that it wouldn’t surprise me if this guy goes the rest of the season without getting hit by a pitch. Sacramento State ended up losing both games. They held a 10-4 endgame number two before giving up six runs in the ninth and two in the 11th, so Masciangelo’s heroic efforts were all for naught.