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Anthony Edwards Tossed Out The Idea Of Playing The All Star Game Left Handed, Which Would Actually Be An Awesome Tribute To An Indiana Legend

David Berding. Getty Images.

With All Star Weekend upon us, that meant today was the day for practice. A time for fun, videos of players chatting so fans can one day dream of them joining forces, some pictures, and for the stars, some interviews. It's a light time to hype up the events tonight and the game tomorrow, which is exactly what Anthony Edwards did

Here's the thing, there is no doubt in my mind that Anthony Edwards thinks he can dominate the All Star Game while only using his left hand. As good as you think he is using his right, that's how good he probably believes he is with his left. Given that he's having an incredible season for the best team in the West, I'd say there's probably some truth to it. Remember, we're talking about this guy

So while it may sound crazy, there's no doubt in my mind Ant thinks he can do it. 

I'm here to say he should absolutely try. 

With the game taking place in Indiana, at a time when everyone is going to be honoring Indiana legends, this is the perfect opportunity for Edwards to do just that. Because you know who who actually did play a real NBA game while only using his left hand?

Larry Bird

Bird famously said he was only going to play with his left in that game because he was saving his right for the Lakers. He then had 22/18/7 in a 105-99 Celts win over LA a few days later to improve to 41-9 on the season (later won the title). Guy was pretty good in my humble opinion.

It also doesn't get more Indiana legend than Larry Bird, so I think this would be the perfect way to honor him. Plus, it would be fun to see Ant still be awesome while only using his off hand. It's a win/win really. At the very least maybe do it for a half or something as a nod to the Legend, that would work too I suppose.

So I for one hope that Ant backs up his claim. Why not? If the NBA wants eyeballs on the All Star Game, I'd say one of the best players in the league only playing left handed would garner some attention. The more I think about it, Adam Silver might have to make the call and force Ant to do it now that he put it out there. I want to see it, the people want to see it. It makes too much sense.