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We Are Less Than 4 Days Into Spring Training And Flamethrower Paul Skenes Has Already Broken A Teammate's Glove With A Throw

Pirates fans don't really have many things to hang their hats on, but Paul Skenes is one of them. You know this tall, mustached glass of water as the boyfriend of Livvy Dunne, but I think sometimes we forget he's a really fucking good baseball player. Third ranked prospect in baseball and absolutely will be making his debut this season.

So I hope the catchers in Pittsburgh have their gloves taken care of and tightened. We're not even a week into Spring Training and Skenes is out here putting holes in his catching partner's glove. Players aren't even really supposed to be throwing it 100% yet and Skenes is snapping leather already. Guy throws over 100 regularly so it's not a shock that he ruined another glove. But it probably won't be the last considering he can touch 102. Yeah, it's a bad time to be a catching partner with Skenes. Decent chance your glove breaks or if you happen to catch one in the palm, your hand may be done for. Cut right through that glove leather like a warm knife in butter. 

Skenes is a special talent, you'll for sure be seeing him do stuff like this for years to come. Pittsburgh got a good one.