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Are CJ Stroud And Amber Rose...Dating?


New potential random couple just dropped and it's one I could've never predicted.....CJ Stroud and Amber Rose. 

Amber Rose is 40. CJ Stroud is 22. 

18-year age gap. 

I have nothing but respect for CJ for living out a teenage dream, but bringing her to a celeb all-star game? Are they dating? If I'm the Texans, I'm not sure I like this. It is the offseason and hopefully this is just a relationship that flames out, but this squad is not one I want my franchise QB to be apart of:

Amber Rose took to Instagram to deny the rumors:

I'm not sure I buy that. CJ Stroud is now a valet? Driving around Kanye West's ex? And Amber Rose….just went to this event without a ride home? This is not what famous people do. Especially at an event where there are cameras everywhere.