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Stop What You're Doing And Watch The 2024 MLB Umpire Camp Hype Video

Now this is what I'm talking about. Forget videos of guys reporting for Spring Training, new pitchers tossing bullpens, guys hitting in shorts. THIS is what I'm here for. The official hype video for the 2024 MLB Umpires Camp is here and I can't get enough of it. They really released this and thought it would hit. The dramatic music, the slow motion shots of wanna be umps making the "safe" call, some footage of an umpire yelling "BALL", this video really had it all. It made me want to quit my day job and becoming an umpire. 

The video itself is just laugh out loud funny, I thought it was a parody video at first. I went to the MLB Umpire website to see more about this and I found some fantastic stuff. Their list of guidelines on how to become and umpire are pretty good.


No wonder all MLB umps are garbage, look at these requirements you have to meet. G.E.D. or diploma, REASONABLE BODY WEIGHT, 20/20 vision, good communicating skills, "some athletic ability". This list was made out of all the insults we yell at umps all the time. If you need to have reasonable body weight please tell me how Joe West was able to ump all those years. And what does "some athletic ability" really mean? Are they running through a combine and shit? 

Just give whoever edited this video a raise because they made going to umpire camp look like a blast. Imagine going to Vegas for umpire school. All umpires seem like absolute squares, imagine them in VEGAS training for this stuff. I like to imagine the hotel gym is full of guys with G.E.D. educations with wrist weights on doing the safe sign over and over, maybe some time on the treadmill to show they have "some athletic ability". Now baseball has officially started, spring is here, and the umpire camp hype videos are out. Best time of the year, best of luck to all the campers looking to become umpires!