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Mental Warfare: Dart Player Storms Off Stage, Blames Loss On His Rival Purposely Farting And Stinking Up The Entire Area


Hell yes. I think I gotta get into darts now. I know the boys in New York have darts day which looks like the most fun event in the world. We had Luke Littler take over the world recently. 

And now we have fart drama? You have my attention. I love the refusing to shake hands and going right to social media to blame the loss on the fact you were playing in a bathroom. I just assumed this is how darts were typically played. We're not talking about elite athletes here - at least in the sense of body type. You can play darts drinking a beer and eating some greasy bar food. Of course you're going to be farting up a storm while playing. 

I gotta say though, I side with the guy accused of farting. It's called gamesmanship, mental warfare, attacking your opponent. I don't care what sport you're playing, if you can find an advantage you use it. In this case maybe the guy Darren Webster has a sensitive nose and can't handle a little airflow out of the ass. I'd be eating all the gross food before playing him and not being ashamed to rip ass and stink up the joint. If that gets me a win, so be it. 

The real mental warfare though is denying the farts. Anyone can fart, laugh and be like oh yeah I had some pulled pork for lunch and it's NOT sitting well. You get in your rival's head by unleashing hell and acting like nothing is going on. Should have turned the blame game around and say it was Darren Webster here ripping ass. Get ahead of the story and control the narrative. 

I'm now in on darts. The sport seems like it always delivers.