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We've Got 'Multiple US Military Whistleblowers' Saying There's Video of a UFO Shooting Down a Nuke With a Laser Beam

David Wall. Getty Images.

I'm disappointed by the way the federal government's "transparency" on the UFO phenomenon over promised and under delivered. You're probably disappointed. We're all disappointed. And it feels increasingly likely that what little they have actually revealed is part of some coordinated key-jingling operation to distract us from what they've really been hiding all along. 

Yet there are elements of UFO/UAP reporting that can't be dismissed. Namely how many of these crafts appear around our most sensitive nuclear defense facilities. Enough that it's hard to believe it's all random and not part of a pattern. There's no shortage of UFO researchers who believe the infamous crash at Roswell can be traced directly to the atomic bomb research by J. Robert Oppenheimer's team at Los Alamos. That splitting the atom attracts them like a magnet. 


And there have even been multiple reports down through the years of them appearing over our nuclear missile facilities and demonstrating the power to disarm them. 

But never a story quite like this one:

Source - The US military is in possession of a video of a UFO apparently disabling a nuclear warhead during a routine test, according to multiple former officials.

They claim the video in question captured a saucer-shaped craft circling the unarmed, dummy warhead shortly after it detached from the Atlas missile booster, then shooting four beams of light at the warhead, disabling it.

Retired US Air Force officers Lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Major Florenze Mansmann claim to have viewed the recording of the 1964 encounter before the tape went missing.  

The former officials were part of a team responsible for capturing video of missile test launches in California with telescopic photography and videography equipment. 

Two days later, after they screened the video, they claim that two plain-clothed CIA agents confiscated the footage and swore them to secrecy. …

The alleged incident occurred nearly six decades ago, on September 15, 1964, but it has more recently come into public knowledge due to author Robert Hastings investigating it.

Luis Elizondo acknowledged the existence of the video and claimed he has seen it [and] he was the former director of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) program to study UFOs. …

The craft inadvertently caught on film was domed and disc-shaped, according to Jacobs and Mansmann.

It was a 'classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble…the entire lower saucer shape was glowing and seemed to be rotating slowly,' according to a letter Mansmann wrote about the incident in 1983.

'At the point of beam release…the object turned like an object required to be in a position to fire from a platform …'

Beyond the video, there is some limited evidence supporting the story. 

A declassified but unreleased set of radar data of the September 15, 1964 event apparently confirmed that an unidentified aerial object was observed near the dummy warhead during the missile test, a source told Hastings. 

Great. Just great. Classic 1950s flying saucers with rotating discs shooting our nuclear test missiles out of the sky with fricking space lasers like the Death Star:

Giphy Images.

Our missile defense researchers have it captured on video, but the Men in Black had to grab it and hide it in a secret wall safe hidden behind a portrait of whoever really killed JFK for the past 60 years. This I guess is what we're paying them for and why the Pentagon can't ever pass a budget. Because all the money is going to running around hiding videos that would change the course of history like they're sex tapes. 

I can understand why the deep state operatives choose to keep some stuff hidden from the public. They can justify it by telling themselves that if we knew the truth it would create distrust in the government and society would collapse or whatever. But aliens shooting down and disarming nukes would have the exact opposite effect. 

If anything, it would make everyone feel safer. We'd sleep better at night knowing that aliens or whoever are here keeping us safe from each other. The human race figured out how to destroy itself. And we're basically a toddler who found dad's gun and are playing with it. It's comforting to think there's some adult supervision in the cosmos making sure the gun isn't loaded so we can keep running around pointing it at each other in blissful ignorance. 

That alternative beats the hell of out living life knowing we're all one madman starting nuclear armageddon monkey business away from the Age of the Cockroaches on our home world. So release the video, for crying out loud. Not only do we deserve to see it finally, it'll give us something to watch now that football is over.