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Remember Rachel Dolezal? She Was Fired From Her Elementary School Teaching Job Yesterday For Having An OnlyFans

When I saw this tweet pop up on my timeline I didn't think much of it. Of course, I was going to click and see what the teacher looks like....but then I saw the photo from the article and I was stopped in my tracks.

Is that.....no way...right? This local news station must've picked the wrong photo.

But then I went to the article....and sure enough, this Tuscan teacher losing their job over an OnlyFans account was Rachel Dolezal. The internet legend, who was the leader of an NAACP chapter in Washington despite being white, has returned. 

KVOA - Nkechi Diallo has lost her job with the Catalina Foothills School District, Julie Farbarik, the district's director of alumni & community relations, said Wednesday in an email to News 4 Tucson.

Nice to see she is going by a new name. Rachel was too.......you know what, never mind. 

Speaking of Rachel....she does still go by Rachel on OnlyFans:


I couldn't watch any of the content, as she charges $9.99 per month and I was not going to pay that. Here is a report from the Tuscon news station with some of the content censored:

This is one of those internet moments that just feels fake. Almost a decade after it is revealed she was faking being black as the leader of an NAACP chapter, Dolezal is fired from her teaching job after her OnlyFans was revealed. Are we living in a simulation?!

How was she even hired as a teacher for an elementary school in the first place? That is lowkey the most shocking part of this whole story.