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We May Have Found The Dirtiest Foul In Basketball History

I'm not sure where this is from, I'm not even sure when this is from, but the minute I saw this I felt had to comment on it. This was one of those videos that stopped me in my tracks. Just as dirty of a play as they come. Let's breakdown the blame pie here and assign the responsibilities of those involved. 

The Dunker :

0.1 % blame 

I know what you are thinking. How can I possibly assign any blame to the dunker when he had a disgustingly dirty followed committed on him? But I think the fact that we didn't see a frame of this game before this sequence leaves a little bit of doubt in terms of his innocence. Did he do something to instigate this? Did he get away with a punch or dirty foul himself? No way to tell. However, even if he did, he didn't deserve this type of foul, not sure anyone deserves that foul. 

The Coach : 

9.9 % blame 

Some say this kind of behavior stems from the top. Coaches need to know they have a liability like this on the roster and get in front of it. Can't be having an absolute lunatic out there committing borderline crimes on the court and let him suit up without at least trying to reform him. Harness that energy and control it or you'll pay the price. What's next he throws a can at someone's head. 

and finally ... 

The Guy Who Committed The Foul 

90% blame 

Just a scumbag move of all scumbag moves. Despicable action. No excuse for it, should be suspended for the season, if not removed by the coach who took the discipline his own hands.