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These New MLB Uniforms Look Awful

What the fuck happened with these uniforms? Why does it look like a weird giant patch that has the name and number on it? Last year's uniforms looked fantastic. Everything about these looks rushed and cheap. Who OK'd this design change?

It seems so off for so many reasons. The MLB logo getting dropped under the collar seems odd too. 

The name font is ridiculously small. It looks what you see on a little kids tee-shirt.  Is this something that can be changed before the regular season starts? Cardinals starting pitcher Miles Mikolas hopes so:

SOURCE - As he described the new jersey, veteran starter Mikolas expressed concern about how it will look as players sweat through the material. He also mentioned that the pants have shifted from three different measurements to the off-the-rack two, and they do not fit him and others quite as well. He’s hoping that the early reviews of spring – including his – will lead to adjustments to the uniform and other options by the start of the season.

He described what it was like to arrive in the majors and have the choice of fitted pants, the attention to detail, and that heavy jersey with its regal logo and last name stitched there for the player to see, to sense.

“It’s taking away the magic,” he said.

Some guys do like them. Nolan Aranado said (in a press release but still) that the new jerseys wear very comfortable and breathable. Jason Heyward likes them as well:

With apologies to Mr. Heyward, I hate these fucking things. I don't mind the concept of uniform changes. I don't care for most City Connect jerseys but I respect the effort and some of them are great. We're in a pretty great with most teams having great looking jerseys. I wish the Marlins would just teal all the time but that's an argument for a different day. But those debates are not what is being discussed here.

This is changing the entire look of every team in the league for the worse. It seems like a completely unnecessary alteration as well. No one was asking for or looking for the MLB uniform template to be fucked with.

The one saving grace is that it's only February 14th. We're still six weeks out from Opening Day. Let's hope everyone comes to their senses and can fix this before March 28th rolls around.