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This Guy Says $150-225K Is the 'Worst Salary Range' You Can Have

One of my favorite things about social media is the quarterly post about finances that goes viral for being batshit insane and we have an outstanding one to kick off 2024. If you're out there working your ass off for $35,000 a year as everything gets more expensive and the dollar becomes worth less every day and you think things are looking rough, please understand that those making $150-225,000 are actually in the worst salary range and have some sympathy.

Jack's argument — if you can call it that — for why that's the case seems to be that you can't quit your job if you make that much money but also don't have enough money to live without a job? That describes every salary from $0 to probably $500K. And the worst subset of that range is not the one he identified.

Don't worry, though, he clarified what he meant by saying if you're upset about his original post because you make a normal salary, it's because you don't have the requisite skills to do something important, like work in tech or finance.

If this guy wanted to do numbers online, he'd make a video series of moving to the middle of the country and trying to live on $4,000 (pre-tax) a month for three months. I guarantee 1) that he couldn't do it and 2) that he would retract what he said in that dumbass tweet.

Anyway, as the economy crumbles and the middle class fades into oblivion, just try to keep those making $200,000 a year in your prayers. They're in a bad spot.