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If This Pre-Tournament Brawl Is Any Indication, The PLL Championship Series Is About To Be A Gauntlet

You want to know how you can tell that pro lacrosse just means more in 2024?

This is a pre-tournament game leading into a preseason tournament. Out of every lacrosse game that has ever been played, it's likely that last night's scrimmage between the Philadelphia Waterdogs and Boston Cannons had the lowest stakes. 

The PLL Championship Series is a tournament set up for the top 4 teams from the previous PLL regular season. It's a way to make the regular season mean a little more. Not that it's a meaningless tournament or anything like that. It was the NBA In-Season Tournament before there was an NBA In-Season Tournament. But you get the point. 

So if we're getting scraps that like in just the first scrimmage of this 5-day tournament? Something tells me these 4 teams are going to despise the shit out of each other come Sunday. 


It all gets going tonight at 5:30pm with the Redwoods taking on the Boston Cannons on ESPN2, and then the Waterdogs vs the Archers at 7:30pm on ESPN+. 

For anyone who doesn't know--which I'd assume is probably a lot of you--the PLL Championship Series features a different version of lacrosse than what you're typically used to seeing. They play "Sixes" for this tournament, which is almost a hybrid between field lacrosse and box lacrosse. You have 6v6 instead of 9v9. The field is shorter, the shot clock is shorter, the game time is shorter. There are no faceoffs after goals, and no defenders using long poles. High paced, high scoring, goals goals goals. 

So toss ESPN2 on your screen at 5:30 tonight if you know what's good for ya. And if you're in the DMV area, now you have plans for the rest of the week.