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Michigan Football Breaks The Record With A Ridiculous EIGHTEEN Players Headed To The NFL Combine

Yeah, this isn’t surprising, but when your name is associated with 2019 LSU, you know that you’ve had a special squad. In a lot of ways, the best thing that ever happened to Michigan football was losing that Fiesta Bowl to TCU on New Year’s Eve 2022. That lit a serious fire under the ass of these players, and a lot of them, like Blake Corum and Mikey Sainristil, could’ve easily gone pro but made the decision to come back to Michigan and finish some business. That’s exactly what they did. 

The name for Michigan in the first round, at least, will be J.J. McCarthy. There's been a lot of discourse surrounding him and where he'll end up. I may be a bit biased because Michigan just won the championship. I am a Michigan fan, and J.J. McCarthy was my quarterback, but I think he's going to shoot up draft boards, and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up being drafted in the top 10. The numbers will be deceiving because Michigan was a run-first offense, but J.J. McCarthy is the most talented quarterback that Michigan ever had. He made plays that no other wolverine quarterback was able to make, and while he wasn't always perfect, he's still pretty darn young. I don't think he's reached his ceiling, and there will be zero leadership or character issues for NFL teams to worry about. He's going to interview really well. 

So much attention will be focused on J.J., and I understand why. Quarterbacks are always a hot commodity, but this most recent version of Michigan football will go down as having one of the more dominant defenses college football has seen in a long time. Outside of the Lions being really good, if there's one thing I'm looking forward to seeing in the NFL over the next several years, it's watching all of these guys grow as NFL players. Michigan fans lucked out. I've said it on here before, but we'll look back one day at this defense and laugh that all of these players were on the same college team led by defensive genius Jesse Minter. 

I don't know when the sheen of Michigan's national championship will wear off for me. It could be on the opening kickoff next year, maybe it'll be after the first loss. Maybe it'll be five years down the road, but it sure as hell hasn't worn off yet. Basically, the entire Coach staff left, and I'm still on cloud nine from what was a magical season. Maybe this shows my lack of competitive spirit that I'm not all gung ho about the need to run it back. I saw it happen, and now I'll get to see these guys ball out in the league for a long time. Also, it wasn't the fucking signs. Get over it.