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Shaq Claiming He's Broken 27 Rims Over The Course Of His Life Is Both Outrageous And Completely Believable

When I first saw this video, I didn't know what to think. On one hand, breaking 27 rims seems like a pretty outrageous number. On the other hand, we're talking about Shaq here. This guy


So when it comes to breaking rims/backboards/hoops/etc, I feel like there's no number that Shaq could say that would truly shock me. In fact, the more I think about it and consider what a beast Shaq was, 27 almost feels low. Are we sure Shaq isn't just being modest here? He's already the star of the night given that his jersey went up to the rafters tonight, so maybe he didn't want to pile on. 

I mean if Shaq had said 100 rims, who wouldn't believe that? Am I totally off base here or once you sit and take a second, 27 feels low. Think of how long Shaq had been dunking with force in his life, I would have figured he broke 27 in high school alone. I'd also love to live in a world where something like this could be tracked. I think it'd be awesome to see who the all time leader is with broken rims all throughout the globe. 

I imagine heaven has this sort of Basketball Reference knockoff where you'll be able to look that type of shit up, or at least I hope it does because that's the type of shit I'm going to want to Google after I'm dead. Give me a search engine that gives me both the purpose to life as well as the ability to tell me who has more broken rims all time between Shaq or Dwight. 

Anyway, we went on a tangent there for a bit, so what say you. You buying Shaq's 27 claim? If not, too high or too low?