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Stop Trying To Ruin The Best Event In The World - Commissioners Are Trying To Claim The NCAA Tournament Needs To Expand For Bullshit Reasons

[Source] - However, discussions between the commissioners and NCAA go beyond the topic of revenue and also include the growing wish for more access in the form of at-large spots. In the meeting with Baker, commissioners were transparent about their desire for more access in a 68-team field that includes 32 automatic qualifying spots — 27 of which go to non-power leagues.

“I want to see the best teams competing for a national championship, no different than (the Big Ten and SEC) want to see in football,” Yormark said. “I’m not sure that is currently happening.”

You want the best teams competing for a national championship? THERE ARE SIXTY EIGHT FUCKING TEAMS IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT. That's it. That's really just the blog here because I can't get over how asinine everyone who works in college sports is. Let me be clear, they are asinine who just want more and more money. That's all it comes down to. The fact that people are claiming the best teams aren't competing for a national championship is hilarious. It's also just factually incorrect. There's no way the 37th best at-large team is competing for a national title. You're talking about like the 10th best team  in the SEC or 5th best team in the Pac-12. 

You know how I know the NCAA Tournament is perfect? It's the one and only single thing that everyone agrees on. That 3 week stretch of perfection. You know what we don't need? More average teams in this thing. If anything it needs to go back to 64. 32 auto bids and 32 at-large bids.


Think your team got snubbed? Tough. Don't lose a bunch of games. Pretty simple math here. I never feel bad for the first team out. They were average. I think arguing seeds is way more important than who should be in. Win your conference tournament or have a better season. Again, not that difficult to understand here. 

We already have a million people screaming about how the regular season doesn't matter. It matters to me damnit! It's still real to me! You know how you devalue games even more? Just put everyone in the NCAA Tournament. Actually, we already have that! You see, there's this beautiful thing called conference championships. You want to play in the NCAA Tournament for sure? Win that tournament. Every single team in the country (outside of the Division I transition period, which don't get me started on) has the right to do so. Look! We already have expansion! You know what else? Conferences can set up their tournaments however they want. You can have 4 teams, you can give byes, you can put teams directly in the title game if you want. 

I don't think I'll ever feel as strongly about something as I do about this. Moving the NCAA Tournament to anything more than 68 teams is the single dumbest idea anyone has ever had. We're already losing rivalries, we have pointless regular season titles because conferences can't even play a balanced schedule anymore. Let's not ruin the one perfect event we have.