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VIDEO: The Biggest Waterpark in Sweden Exploded

NY Post - A raging inferno erupted at a new water park in Sweden on Monday, with flames decimating a number of under-construction outdoor waterslides and related facilities, authorities said.

The massive blaze ripped through several yet-to-be-opened waterslides, including one with a drop of 43 feet, at the Oceana waterpark in Goteberg — sending plumes of black smoke over Sweden’s second-largest city.

Harrowing footage shot by witnesses showed the slides, which had been scheduled to open in the coming months, engulfed by flames as several firefighting vehicles descended on the area.

At least three explosions sent debris from nearby buildings scattering over the burning waterslides.

The waterpark is a new addition to Gothenburg’s Liseberg funfair — one of the Nordic region’s biggest amusement


First let me just get this extremely stupid & incorrect thought out of the way before I proceed with the blog.....


Obviously that's very dumb. That's a thought that a very stupid person would have. Especially considering this waterpark was under construction. I'm pretty sure there wasn't even water in there at the time of explosion. But I felt the need to get that extremely dumb thought out of the way, because I know when at least 50% of you read that headline, you also had that same stupid thought. 

Some websites are reporting that there were no injuries. However, according to websites like the AP, there is one person missing. So I'm not going to make light of this situation. I'm not going to joke about anybody potentially losing their life.

That's a hell of an explosion though. These are the types of videos that flood my Twitter nowadays. Nothing but people being seriously injured and potentially deadly incidents. Part of it is my fault. I can't help but click on them. And the more I click on them, the more my algorithm gives me. It's honestly not good for my mental health, but it's a vicious cycle that I don't think I have the strength to get out of.

I don't see any real information as to what caused the fire either, except for a claim that it "started at one of the water rides."

DW - "The fire started at one of the water rides outside the building and then spread to the entire building," the park said in a statement. 

AP - A nearby hotel and office facilities were evacuated. Police earlier said they were investigating the blaze as a workplace accident and a case of “gross public negligence.” 

So it sounds like somebody fucked up. I won't speculate as to exactly how this started, but again… how the fuck does a waterpark catch on fire? I'm probably going to sound really dumb saying this, but can it be a simple as a "gas leak". I feel like people throw out the term "gas leak" every time there's a large explosion. And maybe a gas leak would cause multiple large explosions like that. I have no idea. I'm not going to get into any conspiracy theories, but they at least have to be considering foul play, right? Either way, that is quite the video. The fact that there were no guests at the water park is extremely lucky. We can only hope the missing person turns up soon.