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A Tennessee Fan Rented a Lift To Display a Huge Vols Flag Outside the Federal Courthouse Where UT Is Taking On the NCAA Today

You may not like it or be willing to admit it, but the University of Tennessee has the best fans in college sports. Find me another fanbase that will tailgate a hearing outside a federal courthouse. We're taking down one of the most corrupt organizations in the country and our fans are tailgating the occasion at a place that's generally supposed to be pretty buttoned up.

Shoutout to whatever Vol fan paid for a lift to show his support for UT in the state's hearing against the NCAA today, which could be one of the most noteworthy days in the organization's history and potentially spell the beginning of the end of its reign. If the attorneys general from Tennessee and Virginia are granted a preliminary injunction against the NCAA, the current NIL rules would go out the window at least until the case is totally concluded. That means collectives could negotiate NIL contracts with high school recruits and college transfers before they enroll or sign a letter of intent, which would be a massive blow to the NCAA.

Regardless of what the ruling ends up being though — I believe it will be in Tennessee's favor — that flag is a great reminder of why It Just Means More™️. Most schools across the country can't get people through the gates for football or basketball games and Tennessee has people showing up at federal courthouses on a Tuesday morning. Elite.