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Three $13 Million California Mansions Are In Danger Of Falling Off A Cliff Into The Ocean

Listen, I know everyone (legitimately 50,000+) was focused on Barstool After Dark/the free throw challenge last night:


But for a moment I thought that by the time they finish those free throws, we were in grave danger of these three ten plus million dollar mansions sliding straight down the hill into the ocean. The craziest part about this is the non-evacuation because the city managers say they have "proper support". I'm no supportologist, but NONE of those houses look like they have enough support to live in. Realtors are probably using that as a selling point for "ocean views". 

I don't see how you accept this home if you're an insurance company. Is this just the level of riches where you do sketchy shit like take submarines into the ocean floor to find the Titanic and build megamansions on literal cliffs for excitement? Also, where exactly are the driveways leading up to these houses? It looks like the road ends and you just have to find your way to the cliff and then hope you make it through? How do you even get the permits to build this?

I have so many questions and not enough answers. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be many and instead the news stations are just recording what could turn out to be a giant, giant disaster. Back to watching the clip of Dave making the game winner after 16 hours.