My Favorite Picks For The DraftKings Free Throw Challenge #DKPartner

Lmfao these 3 have no chance at completing the challenge in under four hours. It's gonna be another lonnngggg night at Barstool Chicago. So how does one watch people shoot free throws for 6 hours? Simple they enter the Barstool Free Throw Pool on Draft Kings. 

Here's my picks for tonight:

How many total free throws will it take before the group makes at least 41 consecutive shots?

-Under 2499.5. If these bozos can't hit 41 straight in under 2499.5 tries they deserve to sleep here over night.

Who will make the most free throws?

-Big T, trust me as someone who is in the office everyday, NO ONE spend more time at the free throw line than Big T.

Most consecutive free throws Big Cat makes:

-Under 6.5, this is my favorite pick of the night. It's not that Big Cat isn't talented enough, he's just the biggest troll on Earth and will purposely miss.

Who will make the least amount of free throws?

-Dave, don't over think this one. The boss will be crying about his shoulder all night, which brings me to my next pick; Dave OVER 8.5 shoulder complaints

How many total airballs will there be?

-Under 19.5, If this group airballs more than 19.5 free throws they should just take the basketball court out of the office. It would be top 5 most embarrassing things to happen at Barstool.