If The Travis Kelce Screaming at Andy Reid Audio is Leaked He Might Be in Trouble

NY Post - Travis Kelce knows there’s a way where the true exchange between the star tight end and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid from Super Bowl 2024 surfaces — even if they keep cracking jokes about the dustup and pretend as if it was no big deal.

But Kelce will let any possible clips from his microphone dictate whether or not that scenario materializes.

“You guys saw that?” Kelce said, according to the Associated Press. “I’m going to keep it between us unless my mic’d up tells the world. I was just telling him how much I loved him.”

Kelce’s frustration appeared to boil over during the second quarter of the Chiefs’ eventual 25-22 win in overtime, when he yelled in Reid’s face on the sideline and even made contact with the head coach.

Running back Isiah Pacheco had just fumbled possession back to the 49ers one snap after quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with wide receiver Mecole Hardman on a 52-yard completion, which gave the Chiefs a first-and-goal

I only post all of those videos in a row to give you the full scope of this situation. Nobody involved in the situation actually appears to be butt hurt about this. But just in case you weren't watching it all play out in real time (I'm sure you've at least seen the original clip), Travis Kelce was LIVID after Isiah Pacheco fumbled the football early in the game last night. He seemed to think if he was in the game that the fumble wouldn't have happened. I guess he thinks he would have blocked better? Which doesn't make total sense to me. It's not like Travis Kelce is a preeminent blocking TE or anything. But whatever. In the end, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, so nobody within the organization actually gives a shit. The whole thing will be chalked up to "the heat of the moment" and Travis Kelce fierce competitiveness. 

However... according to this one New York Post article, MAYBE there's reason to believer if the Travis Kelce vs. Andy Reid audio is leaked, that MAYBE Kelce would be in trouble? That seems to be what they're driving at. That seems like a long shot. But obviously there is a world where if Travis Kelce said something bad enough to Andy Reid, that the Chiefs might be forced to kick him off the team. Or at least discipline him. That's almost certainly not the case... but like... in a hypothetical situation... what could Travis Kelce have said that if the audio were to be leaked, could get him in serious trouble with the NFL. Allow me to speculate wildly.


Let's just get the obvious one out of the way first. If Travis Kelce stormed up on Andy Reid and called him the n-word, hard R or not, he's gone. He'll never see another snap. Same with the F-word. If he simply called him "gay" or "retarded" I think he'd be ok in the end. He'd probably be fined. And Taylor's PR team might force them to break up. But I don't think either of those would end his career. 

Threats to Andy Reid's Family

If Travis Kelce threatened to harm Andy Reid's family should he ever take him out of the game again… that's not going to go over well. Basically any threat of bodily harm Andy Reid or his family could be enough to end Kelce's career.

Fat Shaming

You can't attack people for being overweight anymore. At least not in America. And especially not to the media darling of a walrus man that is Andy Reid. That might fly in Asia where people are more blunt about each other weight. But we've grown passed that in this country. In this country, if you're a super fat, you might even get rewarded. You can get an extra plane ticket free of charge if you fly Southwest. 

Vaccine Shaming

I know this joke was made 100x on the internet last night, but it deserves to added to this list. If Travis Kelce found out that Andy Reid wasn't vaccinated, or god forbid got the Moderna shot, and he decided to trample Andy Reid over it mid-game, that might be the end of him. Although I'd have to imagine the NFL is pro-vax as a whole. But at the same time they also don't want that political smoke. Or maybe they do. Maybe Roger Goodell would double his salary for being so progressive. I honestly have no idea anymore. 

Anything Gambling Related

If it turns out Travis Kelce had $500k on something like "no Isiah Pacheco fumble", or any sort of bet that involved the Isiah Pacheco fumble, or somehow compromised the integrity of the Super Bowl, he's extremely fucked.

Anything Anti-Taylor Swift

If Travis Kelce says anything to disparage Taylor Swift, he's going to have to go into hiding for the next decade. For example, imagine if Taylor hasn't been able to get him off for months. What if he's so sexually frustrated that he snapped at Andy Reid about how he's hasn't been satisfied lately. Or even if he simply said he didn't care for the album Midnights. That would be the end of him. Forget playing in the NFL next season. He might never be able to leave his home again. 

Do you see my point here? This whole blog is beyond stupid. But if the fucking NY Post is going to act like this leaked audio could ACTUALLY be problem for Travis Kelce, then I have to ask the question. What ACTUALLY could have been said for him to get himself in trouble. It would have to be so far over the line for the NFL to do anything. He could get away with saying a lot of fucked up things. He's one of the biggest stars in the NFL. When you're that good at football you can get away with murder. Take Tyreek Hill for example. The man beat his family (allegedly), but he's so god damn fast that nobody gives a shit. He's still a beloved NFL superstar. Talent trumps all in this league. 

And on top of that, Andy Reid isn't even mad. You saw the video. I know were all getting fed up with Travis Kelce being shoved down our throats, but if a player can't yell at their coach in the heat of battle every now and then, then professional sports is in a sad state of affairs. Plus, Andy Reid already confirmed that he simply "lost his balance". It had nothing to do with the 6'5" 205 pound monster barreling down upon on him. Find a new slant, libs.