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Victor Wembanyama Is Now Making NBA History By Doing Shit We've Never Seen Before, So We're Basically All Screwed

Elsa. Getty Images.

I'm not sure we've collectively spent enough time talking about the fact that Victor Wembanyama has entered the NBA and been just as good as advertised. All the hype he had entering the Draft, the fact Wemby immediately confirmed he was worth it has been one of the best parts of this entire season. Sure his team stinks, but Wemby as a player is very, very legit. 

Take last night for example. Usually when I find myself blogging Wemby it's because he does something ridiculous on the court that defies all human logic. Sometimes it's a dunk, others a pass that shouldn't be possible from a 7 footer. Monday was a bit different, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. In fact, we've basically never seen it before in the history of the NBA



How about a triple double, and you achieve it with blocks? Pretty good last time I checked. In fact, there have only been 5 players to ever put up that stat line in NBA history. Wemby is the first rookie to do it since David Robinson which of fucking course it would be another Spur. What type of black magic have they pulled off this time? They really got another Robinson/Duncan only this one can shoot threes and handles the ball like a guard. That's fun. Here we are 50 or so games into Wemby's career and he's doing shit that only 5 people have ever done in the 75 year existence of the NBA. If you want to add the 3pM, we've never seen it.

Let's not try and pretend like that's normal.

I get the appeal of someone like Chet for ROTY given his production has been awesome and he plays on a really good team and has to be effective in games with real stakes, which should matter. But then Wemby goes out and does something like this and I can't ignore that either. The fact that he did all that shit in only 29 minutes, I mean what even is that? 

I'll tell you what that is, it was one of the best in game performances we've ever witnessed, and that's not even being dramatic. That's simply factually accurate. Who knew a random regular season game against the Spurs and Raptors in mid February would turn into something historic? Then again, I suppose we should always be expecting history whenever Victor Wembanyama steps onto a basketball court. Last night it's a triple double with blocks, next time it'll probably be 40/20/10 or some shit with 10 3PM or something of the like. 

Everything is on the table I feel like when it comes to what Wemby can do, and I think Monday was a perfect example of what's possible.